Flinn Scientific

Taking science education out of the classroom.

Online & Digital / Branding / Mobile UI

Flinn Scientific, a leading supplier of scientific equipment to educators, needed help creating an interactive, self-guided course in Chemistry and Biology to keep students sharp and teachers up-to-speed on progress and comprehension. Flinn was answering a need from its science teacher customers—how to make their classroom time with new AP students as effective as possible at the start of a new school year.

Discovery to target needs and customize UI

MadGuy Design readily accepted the challenge presented by Flinn. We studied the market landscape, getting to know the many players in the industry and engaged in our data-driven Design Thinking creative process to outline a vision for the application. We developed a UI identity aligned with the student demographics and leveraged the Internet’s interactive capabilities to create an immersive experience. We were sure to leverage current ethnographic and accessibility data to support the design work.


In just two years, the number of student users has increased 10-fold, to 20,000, and revenues have increased 120 percent.

Revenue Increase
Student Users

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