Building bonds: your vision, our commitment

The values that drive us

We work for creative equity

MadGuy Design began as a small creative shop with the wild notion that everyone deserves access to professional branding and design services. We call it creative equity. We grew tired of seeing companies invest in extensive, uninspiring strategies and lofty campaigns that never seemed to bring the excitement and results they hoped for.

MadGuy Design is now a full-service agency. We proudly collaborate with companies of all sizes, whether you’re a small business, a well-established corporation, a startup, or a nonprofit. We’re here to bring fresh ideas, exceptional design, outstanding client service, and a touch of excitement to your content.

We believe in simplicity

We believe a strategy should be as simple as a one-page document. At MadGuy Design, our mission is to offer you straightforward brand and creative. We understand how much our clients appreciate us for making their lives easier by quickly delivering work that’s on point, on time and on brand. 

We serve and we coach

Absolutely, no matter what! We’re here to help and serve you, even with small things like providing free resources. Our commitment is to guide you through our collaborative work, ensuring you understand it and can take action. We prioritize honest and open communication with you every step of the way.

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Nonprofits & pro bono - the GoodGuy Project

We launched the GoodGuy Project under the umbrella of MadGuy Design with a primary focus on serving nonprofit organizations. Here, the concept of creative equity comes to life as we offer professional and affordable branding and design services to those dedicated to aiding the less fortunate. Additionally, each year, we select one nonprofit to receive pro bono branding and creative services.

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Meet the team

Founder & Creative Lead

Guy Swartz

I’m a brand strategist and lifelong designer. I was building websites and creating banner ads before most people had mobile phones. I spent my formative years at ad agencies before migrating to big corporation in-house marketing as creative director and director of brand and creative services. Always an entrepreneur at heart, I started MadGuy Design on two principles; I was a people pleaser who didn’t like being told what to do and my belief in creative equity, that everyone should have access to professional creative and branding services. When not leading the team at MadGuy, I’m camping in Wisconsin (but missing the Great Northwest), obsessing over learning new and better ways to work, or taking long walks with my old man (my 14-year-old Chocolate Labrador).