Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

Helping an industry giant take flight

Website Design / Online and Digital / Development

At MadGuy Design, we partnered with Edelman to unveil Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s SpaceJet, the revamped avatar of the MRJ, at the 2019 Paris Airshow. Building on our trusted relationship from promoting their MRJ jet and space cargo, we crafted a microsite to launch this pioneering brand to the global market.

SpaceJet brand mark

The SpaceJet brand mark embodies harmony through space and balance. The logotype is modern, clean and confident in its purposeful use of space and custom type treatment.

SpaceJet colors

The bold and simple SpaceJet colors were thoughtfully chosen to reflect the brand’s personality and confidently distinguish it from other brands.

SpaceJet pattern

To add depth and dimension to the design language, a unique Japanese-inspired texture was created. Its concentric pattern symbolize the expansion of space and inner harmony. It invokes traditional woodblock pattern of clouds, water droplets or Zen garden designs.