American Chemical Society

Using science to capture attention and shift perception.

Strategy / Marketing Campaign / Online & Digital / Print

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society (the world’s largest scientific society), wanted to reposition its brand to align better with current organizational direction while enhancing their brand awareness in targeted segments. The brand reposition represented CAS’ commitment to forward-thinking technology without leaving behind the human elements that made CAS a success. Working with various strategic partners, such as Edelman in Chicago, I helped reposition CAS as a trusted human partner in a technology-driven world.

Uncovering insights through discovery processes

Before creative ideation or strategic messaging could begin, I needed insight to what drives decision makers in the chemical R&D world. Interviews with CAS stakeholders, CXO “pressure tests”, and competitive research were the primary things tackled. Uncovering audience and brand perceptions via persona building and market place analysis paved the path forward.

A science-centered, visually captivating, human-forward creative campaign.

At the heart of the campaign are powerful visuals we created by juxtaposing human form silhouettes with science imagery to bridge the connection between science and the people who wield it and illustrate how the speed to discovery curve can dramatically transform business across all parts of the R&D process. This resonating image style is used for every medium of the creative campaign, including digital advertising, web banners, print advertising, landing pages, email campaigns, and social media.

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