Azavar Technologies

Smartly elevating a tech brand

Strategy / Brand Design / Online & Digital / Print

MadGuy Design tackled the challenge for Azavar Technologies, a Chicago-based tech firm seeking distinction in the saturated SAAS market. We delivered a holistic strategy that carved out a unique brand position, crafting a contemporary aesthetic and voice to propel Azavar as a top-tier service provider.

Research and discovery

MadGuy Design kicked off with in-depth qualitative research for Azavar Technologies, establishing a robust brand position, and developing detailed customer and employee personas, complemented by a comprehensive SWOT analysis. We delved into Azavar's core operations, its audience, and its competitors to shape its leadership approach. Our collaborative process included all Azavar team members, ensuring the outcomes were a collective and authentic representation of the company.

We defined Azavar’s leadership model

Crafting the galvanizing idea

At MadGuy Design, our discovery process led Azavar Technologies to unearth their central, unifying concept — a core idea that now anchors their brand strategy, driving their actions and behaviors.

IDEAS are the heart of great work. The people at Azavar have the ideas. Without the idea, even the most cutting-edge technology is useless.

INTELLIGENCE, in the sense of aptitude, is the essential partner to the idea. Without Azavar’s intelligence, ideas fail to become real.

We then distilled the Galvanizing Idea into a value proposition that allowed us to go to market with a street-smart statement technology customers could embrace.


Creating brand expression & building assets

Our research at MadGuy Design crystallized Azavar's industry leadership, sharpened its purpose, and laid out a blueprint for developing its unique brand language, logo, digital assets, website, and communications suite.