Azavar Technologies

Smartly elevating a technology brand.

Strategy / Brand Design / Online & Digital / Print

Azavar Technologies, a successful Chicago tech solutions company was struggling to find a differentiating brand voice in the crowded SAAS space. Azavar needed a comprehensive strategy to identify an authentic brand position and to create a modern look and tone to elevate it as a premium service provider.

Research and discovery

I spent the first few weeks conducting qualitative research by building a brand position, creating customer and employee personas, and building an in-depth SWOT analysis. Then, I dug deep into the inner workings of Azavar, its target audiences and its competitors in order to craft Azavar’s leadership model. I involved every Azavar team member in the exercises so that the process—and the results—would truly be a company-owned realization.

We defined Azavar’s leadership model

Crafting the galvanizing idea

Through the discovery work, I helped Azavar realize their galvanizing idea — one that functions as the company’s totem pole around which their brand strategy, behavior and actions could align.

IDEAS are the heart of great work. The people at Azavar have the ideas. Without the idea, even the most cutting-edge technology is useless.

INTELLIGENCE, in the sense of aptitude, is the essential partner to the idea. Without Azavar’s intelligence, ideas fail to become real.

We then distilled the Galvanizing Idea into a value proposition that allowed us to go to market with a street-smart statement technology customers could embrace.


Creating brand expression & building assets

From the research and discovery work, I was able to better define Azavar as a leader in the industry, bring clarity to its purpose, and build a roadmap for creation of Azavar’s brand language, logo, assets, website, and communications materials.

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