Branding an exclusive inaugural disruptor event.

Event / Branding / Campaign / Online & Digital / Print

Drillinginfo, a company that delivers business-critical insights to oil and gas industries through a state-of-the-art SaaS platform, needed help developing an experience for their inaugural "Energy Disruptors Event". The three-day, high-end global energy thought leadership gathering in Lake Tahoe, Nevada was Drillinginfo's first event of this kind — so it needed to be impactful and perfect. As a trusted partner for Drillinginfo, MadGuy Design took on the challenge; a big project that included strategy, brand identity and a ton of deliverables across digital, print and outdoor. The work we did helped make for a memorable and successful experience and Drillinginfo was thrilled with the strategy, design, and branding we delivered.

Research and brand identity

We began by gathering insights on disrupter events, particularly how they are perceived and experienced by participants. The good, the bad; we wanted to know what participants had to say. This qualitative research supported our developing an immersive visual and messaging event experience unique to each participant segment, yet cohesive from a brand identity perspective.

The strategy: three target audiences, one graphic theme 

We identified opportunities, along with our target audience, dividing it into three unique sets: Disruptive Thinkers, Disruptive Strategists, and Disruptive Doers.

Disruption analyzed and visualized

It was critical that our work capture the events energy. We tied the three segments together in a radiating design to communicate important nodes of the disruptor event.

Bringing it all together.

We developed an adaptable system, anchored in three core segments: a custom alphabet and vibrant color palette. They combine in brilliant and dynamic variations, perfect for representing Drillinginfo’s Disrupter Summit, while maintaining a unified look and feel.

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