Big branding for a disruptor event

Event / Branding / Campaign / Online & Digital / Print

MadGuy Design crafted a compelling, high-impact experience for Drillinginfo's premier "Energy Disruptors Event" in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Tasked with ensuring the success of their inaugural thought leadership event, we delivered a comprehensive package that included strategy, brand identity, and a suite of digital, print, and outdoor deliverables. Our efforts resulted in a memorable event that left Drillinginfo impressed with the strategic and creative results.

Research and brand identity

MadGuy Design commenced by analyzing insights on disruptor events, scrutinizing participant perceptions and experiences. This groundwork informed our creation of a tailored visual and messaging event experience, resonating uniquely with each attendee segment while maintaining a unified brand identity.

The strategy: three target audiences, one graphic theme 

We pinpointed opportunities and segmented our target audience into three distinct categories: Disruptive Thinkers, Disruptive Strategists, and Disruptive Doers.W

Disruption analyzed and visualized

We ensured our designs captured the event's vibrancy, linking the three audience segments with a dynamic, radiating motif to reflect the event's key moments.

Bringing it all together.

MadGuy Design crafted a flexible design system for Drillinginfo’s Disrupter Summit, featuring a custom alphabet and a vivid color scheme that blends into vibrant, dynamic arrangements, all while preserving a cohesive aesthetic.