MF Global

Transforming a financial leader’s brand position.

Strategy / Campaigns / Online and Digital / Print / Video

MF Global, a global commodities brokerage firm for corporate and individual investors, came to us with a monumental ask — rebrand their institutional presence while bringing their flagship U.S. individual investor division into the brand. At the same time, we were tasked with folding in more than 300 independent introducing brokers from around the United States. One look, one voice, one company, one brand. Huge project — we said, “yes, please”.

A global brand activation omni-campaign.

Our goal was to give trading commodities a human element by merging striking imagery of the products and markets with the people who influence and trade them. We aligned leadership on a multi-level strategy that engaged corporate and individual audiences with a dynamic visual website design and ad campaign, a compelling offer, and an internal community of influencers. 

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A brand you can feel.

To further position MF Global as a high-touch partner brand, we created a rich library of sales and on-boarding materials. We worked with a group of internal influencers to gain intelligence for crafting just the right messaging, imagery, and call to action points. This allowed us to promote diverse content and have a grassroots method for engaging our key audience sets.

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