Zebra Technologies

Helping a global
tech company change its stripes

Strategy / Marketing Campaigns / Online and Digital / Print

MadGuy Design collaborated with Ledger Bennett to pivot Zebra's image from a printing/tracking tech provider to a cutting-edge innovator offering comprehensive computing solutions that optimize workflow and workforce performance.

Strategy – finding the opportunity

We shifted Zebra's brand perception from hardware vendor to strategic tech solutions partner, using compelling storytelling and thought leadership to showcase their comprehensive technology offerings.

We helped Zebra share their story in 3 fundamental ways:

Have a POV

Highlight the breadth and depth of innovative work being driven within Zebra to enhance reputation.

Win Moments

Create content to distribute at a steady cadence, attributed to key Zebra thought leaders.

Always Be On

Engage audiences on the channels where they’re spending the most time.

Crafting the galvanizing idea

Our discovery process led Zebra to an inspiring concept that fuses brand and customer insights, sparking innovative ideation.

Creating the campaign

Our deep dive into discovery revealed a strategic pivot for Zebra's brand campaign. We conceptualized a narrative that transcended mere products and devices, focusing instead on holistic technology solutions. Our creative process involved distilling Zebra's multifaceted services into a compelling visual language—employing uncluttered design and crisp messaging. This approach positioned Zebra as the quintessential provider of seamless A-to-Z technology solutions within the B2B landscape, encapsulating their essence as innovators and problem-solvers.

Interactive landing pages, blogs, and whitepapers engage users and help tell Zebra’s story.