Zebra Technologies

Helping a global
tech company change its stripes.

Strategy / Marketing Campaigns / Online and Digital / Print

Working with agency, Ledger Bennett, I helped Zebra create a marketing campaign around changing their brand perception. Zebra wished to transcend from being perceived as a only a printing and tracking tech provider to that of a technology innovator and a partner that delivers end-to-end interconnected computing solutions that re-engineer workflow and connects workforce to performance.

Strategy – finding the opportunity

To move Zebra’s perception from a device manufacturing vendor to a strategic, end-to-end technology solutions partner, I proposed elevating their offering message through real-world experience storytelling and thought leadership.

I helped Zebra share their story in 3 fundamental ways:

Have a POV

Highlight the breadth and depth of innovative work being driven within Zebra to enhance reputation.

Win Moments

Create content to distribute at a steady cadence, attributed to key Zebra thought leaders.

Always Be On

Engage audiences on the channels where they’re spending the most time.

Crafting the galvanizing idea

Through the discovery work, I helped Zebra realize their galvanizing idea — one that melds brand insight and customer insight into a meaningful thought that inspires ideation.

Creating the campaign

Leaning on our discovery work, I created a campaign that’s less about products and devices and more about technology and end-to-end solutions. Clean visuals and unobstructed messaging immediately communicates Zebra as an A-to-Z tech solutions hero in the B2B space.

Interactive landing pages, blogs, and whitepapers engage users and help tell Zebra’s story.

Let’s start crafting the next chapter in your brand story.